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A Project Book Is a Guide to Success

July 8 2010

A project book is somewhat better known as a project management book. This is a collection of instructions on how to properly manage people in the work place that are part of your team. Knowing how to get the most of your team with the talents they already posses are the key to being a good manager. This includes what motivates them and what discourages them.

The project book that is followed can make the difference in the outcome of the project, if it is followed correctly. When looking at the different ones available, peek into the table of content to see what is really in it. There should be a section on people management, managing time, financial and budget management. Other issues that should be covered are communications, risks, issues, problem solving, reports, and how to properly structure a project from beginning to end.

There should be, within a project book, a section on what is basic on managing a project. This would be best covered if there is a step-by-step approach to planning, scheduling, and executing of a project. There should also be ideas on how to properly track the progress of the project at every stage along the way.

Additionally, the project book should also contain a section on more advanced and complex issues. This should include how and what should be reported during and at the conclusion of a project. Knowing what should be reported and to whom, can make the difference whether you will be given another project, as a project manager, in the future.

The difference between a project book that helps to guide and one that can really give a manager the edge is when a section on “value to the customer” is present. Knowing how to spot what adds value to a product for a customer can help significantly on improving a revenue stream. The more value a product has to a client, the greater the price it can be sold for to them, immaterial on how much it cost to manufacture a product. This is called price to value. The value a customer receives is how it is priced. This is especially advantageous to a business when they have a unique product or a monopoly on a sector of business.

This is what to look for when examining a project book for use by yourself or your project managers to learn from.