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What a Project Guide Is

July 9 2010

Knowing how to properly identify a good project guide can save a project manager a great deal of time.  This is an instructional manual that, if written properly, takes a complex issue and makes it easy to understand. This is done by breaking down the different components of the issue and examining each one step by step.

A project guide is a general explanation of how to properly start, guide, and finish a project from its initiation to its conclusion, in the best possible manner. It can help show a manager the benefits of tracking the progress and where it can be used most effectively in a project. Resource management is a rather complex and difficult issue to learn and understand. Knowing how to organize this critical element can really help a project progress on time and in budget.

Another good piece of content a project guide should include is the choice of management software that should be used. Deciding on this can help the project along greater than any other management tool that is used in a project. The right software program should have scheduling, templates, risk assessment, quality control, documentation, and report-generating capabilities. With each of these, the guide can help you navigate them so their fullest potential can be utilized.

When looking for a project guide to follow, there are many on the internet that are available for free. They use words like “fundamental,” “principles,” “guidebooks,” and “primers” in the titles to attract attention to themselves. Though fancy websites and catchy titles are great advertising gimmicks, what matters is inside the covers. The content and how well it is put together is what will help a project manager do their job better.

If a project guide is a free offer that has an accompanying software program, then in most instances, this is a great reference that can assist with the use of the program. Plus, the guide can help demonstrate the true advantages of the software package. Looking at it can help a person decide if the program can be of a benefit to them and their business.