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Project Management Book Is More Than a Guide; It Is a Path to Success

July 10 2010

A project management book is a systematic breakdown of what will actually work to make a project be successful. Inside each one is a list of processes and procedures the author has used to guide past projects to a successful conclusion. While most are pretty general in nature, there are a few that are made for specific sectors of business.

What a project management book has to offer the reader is how to use practical tools for success when applied to a project. Inside, you can find the four basic phases that make up any project. This includes the initiation phase, followed by the planning of the project. Then, you are ready for the execution of the plan, which will lead to the final conclusion of the project. How each of these phases are carried out and monitored will determine how successful the project will be.

Inside the project management book is a breakdown of what has to be accomplished in each of these phases, for a project to have a chance at being a success. Knowing how to get a project approved is in the early stages. This has to include positive data from a feasibility study that the deliverable of your project has a large probability of creating a revenue stream for the company you are working for.

Knowing what it takes to properly monitor the quality of the product being produced is a crucial element that must be adhered. This, too, is explained in detail in a good project management book. Other steps, which includes efficiently managing your time along with the other team members’, can help keep the cost down and the project flowing.

Another place that should be closely examined in a project management book is how resources are utilized and maximized.  All projects have a cost, but by making them a good return on investment is beneficial to the company, and a feather on your cap, when the upper management reviews your work.

These are a few of the things a project management book has to offer a project manager. No one knows it all, and most successful mangers have several sources they use as references during the course of their job.