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Free Project Management to Reduce Risk

July 12 2010


There are free project management software packages available online for those looking for help. A good number of them are very competent with many templates and other things present in their package that can help the project manager do their job more efficiently. What differentiates the different programs is their approach to risk management.

The free project management programs that have in-depth sections on risk management are the ones that are of utmost beneficial use to a project manager. The reason this is so important is due to what it actually does.

Risk management involves having the correct process in place to properly assess the risks that are inherent to any project. With all things that identify a problem, there should also be a solution included. The strategies to finding a solution should include how the risk can be transferred out of the project, avoiding the risks all together, reducing the impact of the risks on the project, and accepting the price or consequences of having such a risk in a project.

To know if there is any risk involved in your project, a free project management software package should contain a way to assess what the risks are and to what degree will they conflict with the goals of your project. This assessment should be on the major processes of the project. For it to be conducted properly there should be a written plan that states the goals and objectives of the assessment.

Where the free project management software package can assist the most is with the documentation and methodology that is to be followed for this in-depth assessment.  In the plan, the common risks should be listed and their presence noticed, if there are any. Knowing there is a risk is the first step into not letting it interfere or cause a conflict with your project.

These are just a few things that a free project management software package can provide the project manager. The risks involved are not a joke and should be taken very seriously.

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