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Quality Plan To Help Your Business

July 17 2010

A quality plan has two different sections. There is the quality assurance section and the quality control section. The responsibility of the quality assurance part of the plan is to set in place all the proper documents and procedures to support the quality control plan. The quality control plan is the actual inspections and the carrying out of procedures to make sure the product has a high level of quality, with no defects in it.

Each quality plan has to have many attributes to it. These should include usability, efficiency, testability, portability, reliability, understandability, and modifiability. In essences, when quality in a product is concerned, it is for use by a customer.

A good quality plan will have clearly defined goals that are set out in documents so those involved can have access to them. This way, the quality plan is more than just a written procedure, but one that is implemented.

The costs that are associated with a quality plan are many, but the cost of not having one is even greater. The costs include the time for formal audits and training. There are reviews of the process involved and the test equipment to verify the product. Then, there is the actual cost of the testing itself. To a smaller degree, complaint resolution and compliance with said complaints is just part of doing business and falls under the quality control plan.

Failure to have a quality control plan can cost a company greatly. For some companies, it has caused them to close their doors. These costs include the reworking of product so that it is acceptable, or it has to be discarded and counted as a loss. There is also the cost of transport when product has to be returned and replaced.

A quality plan can help minimize the problems associated with unhappy customers. When done correctly, the company’s deliverable will stay with a happy customer rather than being returned at a cost to the manufacturer.

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