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The Need For A Quality Assurance Plan

July 19 2010

The reason a quality assurance plan is needed is to have a documented set of procedures to help instill quality into a method, process, or product that is being produced by a company. This is the aim of this plan, but if not correctly followed and implemented, then chances are it will not be effective.

A quality assurance plan has two major characteristics to it. The first is to describe in detail the intended purpose of the product in document form, so it can be clearly understood. This is called “fit for purpose”. The second is to have a set of procedures to get the task done the first time with minimal mistakes and errors. This is referred to as “right the first time”.

The design of a quality assurance plan has to start with the knowledge of what people, who are actually going to use the product, are expecting from the product. This includes the end-users and the merchant middle-men that will be selling the product.

The way a quality assurance plan is constructed is to include four points: the actual plan itself that is to be documented so it can be followed; what is to be done and by whom; what are the specific checks that are to be conducted; and what is the appropriate action that needs to be taken when a problem is found.

Quality in a product does not need to meet the needs of the general population, nor should a quality assurance plan have this as their aim. The plan only has the task of providing the target user with a product that meets the specific requirements that were set by the business plan of the project.

A quality assurance plan is part of doing business in today’s world. This plan should be carefully documented and should become a part of a company’s document control center for further reference. This way, it can be reviewed and implemented as long as the process it is designed to regulate is still proceeding.

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