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A Quality Management Plan To Meet The Customer’s Needs

July 20 2010

The main focus of a quality management plan is to meet the quality requirements of the intended customer or client. This is done by having a plan in place that is approved by or meets the standards set forth by the clients or intended customers.

With a quality management plan in place, the work on a project can commence in an efficient manner. The quality of the product will then be inspected according to the plan, with all of the procedures used and their results documented so a permanent record can be established.

The quality control portion of the quality management plan is there to monitor and verify that the deliverables that are produced by the project meet the set standards of quality that have been agreed to. The quality assurance portion of the plan is to monitor and verify that the procedures and process of the plan are in place and are effective to ensure the deliverable is of the standards set forth by the plan.

There are many different components of the quality management plan. One of them includes the quality objects that are set in the business plan are established and followed. It also helps in the review of the project’s deliverable to see if the objectives are met.

Other components of the quality management plan are the specific activities of the quality control and quality assurance departments. These two departments are the backbone that implements the plan itself. Their roles and responsibilities are described in detail in the plan so there is no ambiguity in what is to be achieved.

The last component of a quality management plan is the reporting of any issues or problems that might arise during the verification and monitoring of the deliverable. These issues and problems should be addressed before the deliverable is sent to the customer so satisfaction is assured.

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