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The Communication Plan Is More Than Telephones

July 22 2010

A good communication plan will help to successfully transfer the knowledge and data from its source to its intended destination in a secure fashion. In this written document should be the objectives and goals of the plan, and the procedures on how the business will achieve them.

In the communication plan, how you plan to achieve the objectives needs to be described in detail once the objectives are listed. Today, there are many different formats that can be utilized. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. There should also be a distinction on the different recipients of these communications. A client should be contacted differently than intercompany communications of a business.

Part of this communication plan should be how periodicals are going to be published, and who will be the recipients. Online communications also needs to be defined and should be conducted within the company’s business policies. This needs to be clearly defined to prevent any appearance of unprofessionalism.

The proper handling of a business meeting and the different methods of communication during one should be described. With the advancements in communication media, teleconferencing has grown wide acceptance to save on travel costs. There should also be a list of those that prefer to include a video link so the different players can actually see each other. Each of these procedures needs to be defined, with a set of policies established.

Incoming communications and the time limit for a response is also part of a communication plan. With a set response time in place, the backlog of communications can be avoided. The content, tone, and length of voice mail messages need to be spelled out. There are many people that think they are comedians and have a message reflecting this personality. This is unprofessional and not needed. With a policy in place, this type of behavior can be avoided.

All of these different components are parts of a communication plan that a business need to have documented, and in place. This way, if an issue arises, it can be properly be addressed. Without it, the first exposure of a customer to a business can have an unwanted impression and hurt the reputation of the business as a whole.

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