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Communications Plan For A Successful Business

July 23 2010

All successful businesses have some kind of communications plan in place. With some smaller companies, this is very basic because of the size of business it is. As a company grows, so does the complexity of its communication needs.

A documented communications plan should be in place no matter what size a company is. This is not only beneficial for all new employees to visually see how they are to properly communicate, but to deal with issues with the current staff.

Communication between two parties is done to transfer knowledge or data in a meaningful manner that should be received as it is sent. Many people think that talking or conversing is communication, but this is not always true. For good communications to be established, the same message that is sent has to be received in its entirety and meaning.

To make this a reality, a communications plan has to have certain protocols and procedures in place to define the different mediums of communication, and how they are to be used. This should include telephones, cell phones, voice mail, emails, file sharing, and teleconferencing.

With a communications plan, priorities can be set in place so there is a clear path to be followed by employees. This will give the company a sense of order as a whole and establish control on how intercompany communications are dealt with, along with communications with 3rd parties, including customers.

Types of communication that should be included in this plan are telephone, internet or email, video conferencing for meetings, cell phone usage and who will have access to the cell phones and the numbers, periodicals published by the company, and report generation and distribution.

With these types of media channels documented in a communications plan, a company will have a clear path to how data and information is to be transmitted and who should be the recipients. This can prevent a lapse in security while keeping all parties informed.

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