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A Successful Sample Communications Plan

July 24 2010

To make a successful sample communications plan, a project manager must know what they need to accomplish and who is going to be involved. These are just a couple of the key elements of a plan.

To start constructing a sample communications plan that will be functional, there must be an outline. This should include a brief statement of who gave the order to have it constructed, along with their instructions.

There should also be an analysis for the stakeholders in the sample communications plan. This should include what they are going to contribute and what they can expect from it. The objectives and goals must be clearly stated in plain language. The next part should be the strategy or methodology in the approach that will be used for the completion of this project.

The part of a sample communications plan that most managers have the biggest problem with is the defining of the risks involved, along with all the possible issues that might arise during this project. Communication is more than just two people conversing in the business world. A business must always have its employees send the correct message that reflect the business philosophy as well as its intentions.

A properly constructed sample communications plan will be the instructions for employees to properly convey the business message every time. It should not matter who the message is going to, the message should be professionally sent and consistent in its makeup. Because of the global economy, there should be a mechanism for conveying the message in more than one language, if the client list makes this necessary. Knowing and listing who in the company speaks more than just English should be included in this plan.

The last part of a sample communications plan has to have the budget and timeframe in which this project is to be completed by. Both of these need to be met for the project to be considered a success. When this plan is completed and approved, then the final document should be submitted to the quality assurance department for the proper distribution and filing of the plan.

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