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How to Create a Project Communication Plan

July 26 2010

A project communication plan has many aspects to it. The main focus in the beginning of one is to have a written strategy to convey the correct information to the stakeholders of a project on time, so they will financially back the project. Without the proper funding of a project, it can never get off the ground.

The next phase of a project communication plan should be setting its objectives so that during the progression of a project, all parties that have a need to know about the different aspects of the project are informed. In many of the project management software applications, there is a section on interactive scheduling. This allows those doing the actual work on the project to update in the computer what has been accomplished on a daily basis. This way, the information can be easily accessed by those with authorization to it.

By keeping those that need to be informed updated, they are in a better position to make the necessary decisions to keep a project moving. This is why in a project communication plan, there should be a section on risk, and issue management. Most of the time a decision that deals with these matters is done at levels above the project’s construction floor.

This is a management-type decision and in the plan there should be a designated path of who is to be informed, and to what extent, when a risk is revealed or an issue arises.  This allows for a resolution to the problem to be resolved and can then be implemented.

The basic foundation of a project communication plan should have, at its minimum, the layout of all the players that are involved in the project, and their responsibilities identified. With this should be the preferred means of communication, along with what regularity it should be done.

A good project communication plan will help the progression of a project so confusion and misinterpretations can be avoided. This will help the project come to a successful conclusion.

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