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Project Communication for Getting it Correct

July 27 2010

In a project, communication is the single most important variable. Without it, a project can be a success but the time to overcome the pitfalls and corrective action that will be needed make it an unproductive endeavor.

For this reason, a documented project communication plan should be designed before the commencement of any work begins. In this plan, it should those who will be involved in the project and what their responsibilities are. What needs to be remembered is that good communications and the interaction of project personnel will decide if the project is a success or failure. Setting out a clear path in plain language on how this is to be achieved will decide how smoothly a project will progress from its initiation stage till its conclusion.

There are some businesses that use their project communication plans as a means to set the tone of a specific behavior within the workforce. This will influence how the different members of the project are motivated and take the lead to accomplish the needed tasks of a project.

The paths that are in a project’s communication are the upward channel, downward channel, and lateral channel. Each channel has a designated path and purpose. The upward channel is the one that informs the upper management on the issues, risks, and expectations of the project. The downward channel is towards the actual manpower that works on the project. The lateral channel is how the clients, customers, vendors, and the functioning managers are informed.

The key to a project communication path is to keep the information flowing. This has to be done with minimal interference from issues and problems that arise during the course of the project. The better the communication is in a project, the more effective the outcome, which will be reflected in increased performance. A positive outlook by the project manager will be contagious. This will help motivate others to do all they can to help the project succeed.

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