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A Project Plan Template to Make Your Job Easier

July 30 2010

The reason a project plan template is used by a person in the business world is to eliminate unnecessary work by being prepared. In the past, many project managers made their own templates by hand to speed the process of developing a project plan along.

With the introduction of project management software and utilizing the project plan template that is included with the program, the first step of preparing for a plan is already completed. This is the proven way to quickly and efficiently create a customized project plan that can save time and help bring a project to a successful conclusion while being in budget.

By properly utilizing a project plan template, the project manager can create a plan in fewer steps while having a step by step guide to make sure all of the critical steps and procedures are included. This guide includes the identification of all the different phases, activities, and tasks that need to be documented as part of the plan.

The project plan template will also sum up all the effort that will be required to complete each of the tasks that are included in the project.  This documentation will help verify the inter-dependencies within the different tasks of the project. By documenting the plan, assumptions and constraints can be brought to light and, where necessary, plans to avoid any problem issues can be dealt with.

The time consuming task of scheduling can also be reduced when a project plan template is used in conjunction with this task. This way, the milestones can be identified and the work breakdown structure will be easily seen.

The monitoring and controlling of the resources is easier with a project plan template that will allow for more time by the project manager to spend guiding the project instead of planning it. This will allow for a more efficient progression of the project to meet its deadlines and objectives of having a deliverable on time and under budget.

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