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A Sample Project Plan to Create Your Solid Business Case

July 31 2010

Following a sample project plan can help guide a project manager to create a solid business plan. This is the easiest and best use of time to proceed with this task. This is because there are so many different sections that a business plan must cover, all of which needs to be documented.

A good sample project plan will cover every aspect that is involved in building a successful plan from the beginning to the end. The very first part of this should be the introduction. This section has to include the purpose of the plan, along with any background information and which approach is going to be used or methodology.

Following the introduction is where the goals and objectives of the project are defined for both the business and the project.

The next section of the sample project plan will be where the scope of the project is defined. This is where the meat of the project is laid out. This includes the schedules, the resources that will be used, and when they will be utilized. Who is to complete the assigned tasks and when the tasks are to be completed should all be documented.

The budget projection needs to be clearly spelled out so the sponsors of the project know how much is going to be needed and where it is going to be spent.

The risk assessment is the area where the possible stumbling blocks of the project are located. They will need to be analyzed and, if any, a way to minimize their negative impact should also be listed.

This next part of the sample project plan is the place the timelines and milestones are set. This is how the project will be judged if it is progressing on schedule or not by those reviewing it.

The last part of a sample project plan should include the communication plan, project constraints, and any management issues that might arise during the course of the project.

Once this is all documented, it should be reviewed before the approval process begins.