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Statement of Work sounds simpler than it really is

August 2 2010

A statement of work is most commonly used when an external supplier of goods, resources or services is required on a project. This is a formal document that has to be created as part of a business plan. This document specifically defines in plain language the work activities, prices for the services or products, what is to be received from the external vendor and a schedule of delivery dates along with the time line for the work to be concluded.

This statement of work document is generally made from a formalized template that is specifically designed for this purpose. There is not a standardized format for this kind of template so many businesses have created one of their own they use. What has to be included are the requirements of the requested material or services to be clearly described so there is no ambiguity in the request. This way you will receive exactly what you need, when it is needed and for the price you are willing to pay of it.

In a statement of work the specific type of supplier is stated. There is also a complete description of the material and equipment you need for your project so the specific deliverable will be provided to fit your needs. All terms and conditions of the payment are to be set forth so no issues arise on this matter also.

A good template for a statement of work will include several things. One is a set of instructions on how to properly use the template that will help the user create one quickly and correctly. Many of the template suppliers also give practical examples of real life templates that are completed that can be used as a guide. If the same data is to be inputted in more than one place, a good template will know this and be able to reference that part of it in order to save the user time in its completion.

When it comes time to fill out a statement of work, use a template that helps guide you through the process and contributes to make sure all the needed information is included. This allows for the best possible communication to the external supplier possible.