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A Sample RFP Is A Valuable Tool

August 9 2010

A sample RFP can be used by a company when they are in need of soliciting bids for services or a product they are in need of from a third-party supplier. When completed, this is a formal document that is requesting very specific requirements that a company is in need of for a particular project.

While there are many different types of a sample RFP available for someone to look at, they are already filled out to fit the needs of the company that used them. This is the difference between a sample and a template. The template is blank so the user can just fill it in.

This is acceptable at times, but not in every case. The need for a sample RFP is to see the specifics of what is needed in a proposal of this kind. Every industry and each business with those industries all need and use this kind of formal document.

What some business are forgetting to include, and is not mentioned with most sample RFP, is the need for a cover letter to accompany this document. This is a typed document that is a formal invitation for the receiving company to submit a proposal for the specified work or product that is needed. There should also be a paragraph, or two, that describes your company. This should include your business principles and objectives, along with your company’s physical business address. It your company has a presence on the internet, a link to it should also be provided.

If the requested material is to be a part of a larger device or system, a description of it should be included near the end of the cover letter. The end should be the dates in which the services or product is needed by. Make it clear that these have to be met for the proposal to be accepted.

A sample RFP is a great way to know what needs to be included in this type of formal document. They are very handy at answering the needed questions so there are no miscommunications when the RFP is received by the third-party vendor.