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Manager Job Description has to Include the Ability to Communicate

August 20 2010

In every manager job description that is being advertised, it should include the most important characteristic the person should posses, and that is the ability to properly communicate an idea to others.

Many think in a manager job description, the only factors that are important are experience and organizational skills. This is in part very true, but communications is the vital link that brings all the skills of a successful manager together.

Communicating is more than just talking. Talking is like a conversation and is not what is meant with a manager job description. Communication verbally is the correct transfer of knowledge and meaning from one party to another. Doing this successfully every time makes the difference between a project flowing smoothly and one that hits road bumps.

The way to know if you fulfill the manager job description criteria ask yourself a few questions. Do people often ask you to repeat what you have said because they are confused? Do you get puzzled looks when trying to convey a message? Do employees that are following your instructions do the wrong task or do it incorrectly? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you might not be a good communicator.

Being a good communicator is just part of a project manager job description. There should also be organizational skills along with the knowledge on how to properly prepare a business case for projects that will be undertaken by the business.

There are variations in the manager job description from industry to industry with educational requirements being different, but the fundamentals of communication and organization are standard. They can also set a candidate for a position apart for the others.

If you are in the human resources department and your company is looking to write a project manager job description, include what you were told to by upper management. Just do not forget about the ability to communicate as a necessary requirement for the position. It means the difference in projects running smoothly or constantly hitting road bumps.