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A Project Planning Kit has all the Essential Tools

August 21 2010

When project planning, having the essential tools at your disposal makes this task easier to complete. There are also fewer mistakes and omissions because there is a predesignated path to follow.

With project planning, the great tool at a mangers disposal is templates. These should be preformatted so filling in the necessary data is easier and faster than attempting to structure the plans outline along with filling in the data at the same time. With a template that is designed for a specific need, there should be ready made sections for text, tables for data and practical examples of how it can be utilized to its fullest.

This is one of the advantages of the digitalized business world, utilizing the tools to maximize use of time while still completing the assigned tasks. With a project planning kit at your disposal, this task can be completed in a shorter amount of time with greater accuracy.

The project planning kit should have many different templates. One should help you describe the work breakdown structure that will include all the necessary schedules so a path for the project to follow can be visually seen.

Once the scheduling is completed, the resource plan should be devised. These templates can also be found in the project planning kit. Knowing what resources will be needed and when will keep the project and its timetable on track.

Other templates that should be filled out in the project planning process include the financial plan, quality plan, risk plan, acceptance plan, communication plan, procurement plan, tender management process, statement of work, request for information, request for proposal, supplier contract and tender register. Each one is important and must be done in the correct order to fill their intended purpose.

With a project planning kit as the disposal of a project manager, the task in completing this process is easier and more complete than ever before. Utilizing the right tool for the job to its fullest does make a difference in the outcome.