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Project Planning and Management

August 22 2010

To go forward with project planning and management decisions, the easiest path is with templates. These time-saving documents were specifically developed to aid the project manager with this detailed task.

The proper documentation of project planning and management decisions is an essential element in the proper progression of the business plan. With pre-formatted templates in place for all the necessary steps, this task can be easier to complete, faster, and with more accuracy.

There are many details that need to be filled out, including all the schedules that must flow for the project to progress on time. The project planning and management kits that have the templates for the work force, resources, equipment, and the procurement of raw materials all need to be documented before the other essential tasks can even be looked at.

When the scheduling is completed, the next template should be the risk assessment. This part of the project planning and management process is help to determine if the project should proceed. There are always risks associated with every project, but some are insurmountable. If one is found to be detrimental to the project, a solution needs to be found before proceeding.

To help with the risk assessment, the quality plan can be used at times. The template for this plan will help the project manager ensure the deliverable is of the required quality for the market. While proceeding with the project planning and management, the needed quality of the deliverable must be known.

Because of different business concerns, like the market and budget set forth to complete the project, the quality might not always be the best that is possible. In today’s business world, there is the necessary level of quality that must be obtained. As an example, drum brakes are generally fitted on the rear of cars. Disc brakes are better but not cost effective. The drum brakes are sufficient to keep the passengers safe and the overall cost of the vehicle down.

With the proper implementation of a project planning and management process, the manager can complete this task in less time with better quality in the document when templates are used. These assist in both formatting and in completeness. This way, things are not left out.