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Change Management Process

September 7 2010

There is a change management process that every business precedes with whether is it a written document or just done. The reason more business are writing this type of procedure is because of the complexity of their business requires this so all that should be informed about the change are informed.

The reason for a written change management process is because of all the different things that must be accomplished for this to be done correctly. In addition if it is documented, then there is a permanent record of the change.

The change management process begins with the identification of the change that is being requested for altering. This way the original request and who is initiating it is recorded for further reference. The next level for the request to travel will be the confirmation of the changes feasibility study.

The central nervous system of the change management process is the approval process. The authorizing personal must judge that the feasibility of the change is positive. With their approval, they become responsible for the change from the authorization point of view.

The next step in the change management process is the proper implementation of the change. This requires all of those affected by the change to be properly notified of the change. In some cases the change is immediately implemented while other cases the change is implemented over a period of time. It depends on what is being change and how it will affect the normal operations of the business.

To help with a change management process there are software programs today. These have templates for not only the request of change to be documented, but also the authorization form. There should also be a full description of how the change is to be implemented with a step by step diagram showing the different steps if necessary.

This is some of the change management process that is necessary to properly implement this type of modification to the way a business operates. A way to properly document this needed so there is a permanent record can be made for future reference.