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Change Management Plan so Everyone is on the Same Page

September 16 2010

The change management plan is the announcement by a business that a commonly used procedure or process is being modified. This is done so when the change comes into effect, it is used and no one can use the excuse they were not aware of the change.

With a documented change management plan the upper management has made it clear that the change they are instituting is not optional for their employees. Within this kind of plan is the documentation process to make the change official. For most, change is unsettling occurrence. For this reason there must be an announcement that any major changes are going to come into effect before the actual day. This way the employees will be ready or at least aware of it.

One of the most important parts of a change management plan is the communication aspect of it. Posting the change of a process or procedure on the bulletin board is acceptable, but in no way should it stop there. With the use of email as the main source of communication in the workplace today, there should be a detailed message sent out to all employees with an email account. They should also be told it is coming so they have a chance to read it.

Incorporated into the change management plan should be a section on training. This way a complicated change can be properly implemented. Training should also occur before the change is scheduled to take effect. It would be inefficient to institute a change then train your personnel on how to use it.

During the training of any change management plan process it is important for management to listen to feedback from the people that the change of process or procedure is going to effect. Sometimes a change has effects that were not seen when the process was changed. This way, if necessary a modification to the change can occur so it will be more effective.

These are a few of the things that should be considered when formulating your change management plan. Change can be seen as frightening and beneficial. It depends on who is looking at it.