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Change Management Model That You Can Follow

September 17 2010

A change management model needs certain aspects for it to work appropriately. The leading aspect is that the company as a whole is behind the change that is about to be implemented. This is the ideal situation, but realistically, only 75% of a company’s upper management needs to bite on the need for change to give it any chance of success.

Another factor in any change management model is the show of backing for the change from key personnel within the company. Effective change comes from strong leadership for it. The leader should be able to bring together a strong coalition to be the base of the team that will implement the change within the company.

Once the decision for the change is made, a vision needs to be incorporated into your change management model. Have ideas floating around which have a connection to the change you are going to implement.

For some, the next part of the change management model is the key, it is communication. Unless the right message is sent out and received, the message will not be accepted. Make the talk around the water tank about the change. Get people involved and excited so when it comes time for its implementation, they are ready and willing.

With every change, no matter how big or small, there are obstacles. Their removal must be part of your change management model. Just like in projects where the risks are mitigated, so must the obstacles. The less damage they do to the progression of the change, the better chance of success.

Once the change has been put in place, it should be remembered this is the foundation, not the finish line. Building on the success of the change has to occur. This is where the change management model is expanded into the future.

The last part of the change management model is making the said change part of the company mentality. This has to become a way of life for the business and to have the employees fully embrace it.

These are the different parts of a good change management model. It should also be remembered that to stay competitive in the business world, change is a constant.