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Organizational Change Management

September 19 2010

The term organizational change management is in reference to an organized structural approach to a transition period within a company. This can be in terms of a business practice or personnel change.

The focus of any organizational change management should be specific. This should include the business process in terms of management and also the improvements that can be made. To implement this, there should be an assessment of the change along with how it was designed and how it will be supported.

Another factor that should be an area of focus of the organizational change management is the performance of the change so it can be optimized for the maximum benefit of the company. Very few processes are perfect when first used. It is important to test out any change and tweak it so it will have the greatest positive impact on the business.

To properly implement any procedure in organizational change management, there must be training. This must be approached properly so it can develop the process of change to have the maximum benefit it was intended to have. There should also be a level of follow up, if minor changes are discovered, so all employees are on the same page.

The heart of any organizational change management procedure is the communication plan that will make its implementation as smooth as possible. Keeping people informed and updated is a crucial element for this kind of change to take hold with a positive effect.

In many cases, the organizational change management will require a change in the business plan of the organization. This is done so future references can be made and the focus be kept on the core business of the company.

With any organizational change management process, there will be risks and obstacles that could hamper the changes’ success. These must be properly identified and mitigated so the change can proceed. It must also be understood that even the best laid plan will have problems. Overcoming these problems while staying focused on the end result is what will make the process a success.

This is all a part of an organizational change management that many companies face during their operational life. Change is a necessary thing, the difference between companies is how well they handle it that will make them successful or not.