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Quality Management the Necessary Evil

September 20 2010

A quality management plan involves both quality assurance and quality control. By those managers that have to turn in their deliverables to these departments, they are considered the necessary evil of doing business.

For a quality management plan to be effective, it must be written as to favor the clients and customers and not the company that is funding their work. This might not sound like a profitable way to run a business, but it really is the right way.

The main focus of the quality management plan is to have a documented set of procedures in place to make sure the level of quality that a deliverable has in its business plan is achieved with each and every item. This actually saves the company money be either reducing or eliminating the return of an item because it is rejected by the clients.

A quality management plan is broken down into two separate areas. The quality assurance department is responsible for the development and documentation of all the quality procedures that must be in place. In the pharmaceutical industry this would be the Standard Operating Procedures or SOP’s.

The second department in the quality management plan is the quality control unit. This is the department that has the personnel that follow the SOP’s and carries out the procedures. They are the one’s responsible for stopping any inferior items from leaving the plant. This is why they are called the necessary evil. This is the group of people that by doing their job correctly make the production managers produce high quality products.

By checking the work that a project manager produces, there are some rejected materials in most cases.  This rejected material will have to be reworked as according to the quality management plan. This does have a cost associated with it. The cost is significantly lower than if a clients rejects the items and it has to be returned to the manufacturer. In addition the reputation of the company is intact when the QC department catches the inferior items.

This is the purpose of the quality management plan and why there is one in place in every business that is successful.  For those businesses that do not have one, generally do not last long because their reputations become tarnished and clients avoid them and their products.