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A Total Quality Management System

September 21 2010

To be a success in the business a total quality management system has to be in place as a functioning component of your business practices. This is a complete set of procedures that must be documented so those employees that are responsible for carrying it out have a guide to follow.

The basis for your total quality management plan has to come from the business plan of the project you are initiating. For each project, the specification will vary but the procedures will be similar. The establishing of the procedures is done by your quality assurance department.

To create the documents for your total quality management system, many business are using the software programs’ project management templates. These serve as a guide in creating the documentation so every detail that will be necessary can be included. Because each project will have a varying degree of differences, the templates can be set up to incorporate your business philosophy to make sure each procedure is following the correct methodology.

Once the quality assurance department has the documentation completed, the quality control team takes over. They are the action part of your total quality management system. They take the document and implement it as it applies to your deliverable. This way, all possible defects are found and stopped from reaching your clients.

The purpose of your total quality management system is to not only prevent any defective material from reaching your clients, but also to spot any problems in your project’s process. If a defect is constantly popping up during your quality inspections, the root cause can then be isolated and identified. With this knowledge, your project can then be modified so the defect can be permanently eliminated.

The implementation of a total quality management system will do more than prevent defective material from reaching your client base. By doing this, your company’s reputation will be established and enhanced as a supplier of good quality merchandise. A business with this high level of customer satisfaction generally stays profitable for a greater amount of time, as compared to those that do not emphasize quality in their products or the way they conduct their business.