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Quality Management System

September 22 2010

The quality management system of a company is like an insurance policy against defects. The trick is having this system properly documented so it can be implemented as planned.

The documentation of a quality management system is when all the details and planning are set into place. To assist with this process, a project manager can use the templates in a project management software program. These templates can help show which areas need to be developed and completed.

In larger companies, there are separate quality assurance and quality control departments. In smaller businesses, the leader of the quality control department is generally the quality assurance department alone. The purpose of the quality assurance department is to document the quality management system so there is a record of what the quality procedures are to take place.

The quality control department can then take these documents and follow them to make your quality management system an active participant in your business. The resources this department needs is generally not as extensive as most others in a business, but they are necessary just the same.

The reason a quality management system is now needed and not in past centuries is because of the way things are made today. In the past, most items were handmade by an individual or a small group of people. They took great pride in their crafts and made sure each item was of high quality. There was no need for a quality system because the creator, worker and foreman was also the owner.

Today, the quality management system is necessary because of the mass production of items. No longer does one person see an item progress from beginning to end. For this reason, a separate department has had to be established to ensure the quality of each item made as a deliverable is made correctly.

The specifications and details that have to be included for each project’s quality management system is in the business plan. This is where the specifics of the deliverable are located. This is the process that have evolved over the years which accelerated since the 1990s and emerging as a field in business all to itself.