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Quality Management Systems made for the Business World

September 23 2010

The quality management systems that are in place in the business world have a very specific purpose for being. They are to increase the credibility of the company’s reputation as a supplier of goods or services. To obtain this does not require your business to produce the best product in the world, just that you produce what you claim to do on a consistent basis.

The structure for businesses quality management systems are in their business plan. This is where it is stated what they are producing as a deliverable and to what quality it is. A good example of this is in two German car manufacturers. Mercedes Benz has always been known for high quality in the luxury line of cars they produce. Volkswagen has always been known for reliability in an economically obtainable car.

By choosing different target audiences with their product, they have achieved the goals that their quality management systems have set out to accomplish. Mercedes Benz is one of the top of the line manufacturers of cars in the world for luxury while Volkswagen is a solid and reliable low cost car.  

This is what is needed when companies set forth quality management systems in their places of business. The greatest level of quality is not always needed, just a level of quality that is clearly understood by their target audience or customers.

The documentation of the quality management systems is then done by the quality assurance departments with this information from the business plan in mind. This way an accurate set of instructions and procedures can be documented and put in place.

Once the quality management systems are documented and approved by management, the quality control departments can do their job. This is the personnel that carry out the inspections and other functions that are necessary so the deliverable meets the prescribed quality as set by the business plan.

For each business in every industry, the quality management systems that are put into place are different. This is because the goals and abilities of each company are different. By matching up the quality plan with the business goals, the level of credibility a business desires can be obtained with their customers.

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