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Project Quality Deliverables

September 27 2010

It is often a concern that the project quality of the deliverable that is being produced. The approach to achieve this goal can only be successful if it is properly planned.

By making project quality an integral part of the planning process, the deliverable will have the necessary checks and inspections that will ensure this will occur. What most project managers do not like is the fact that checking for the quality in the deliverable does take time. From the point of view of the customer and stakeholder, this is time well spent.

To speed up the process of ensuring project quality, there has to be a well thought out quality plan in place. This will have the necessary procedures that will be needed to monitor and check the deliverable during and after the production process.

Some project managers would prefer to have the project quality checks done at the end of the production line. This will be necessary, but not the only place. If it was the only inspection place, then once a defect is noticed all items on the production line would have to be reworked, along with all the items that have been produced since the last inspection. This is a time consuming process that will cause more of a delay than if there were inspections during the production of the deliverable on the line.

Training for project quality is the key to a successful project and its deliverable. The personnel involved with the project must know exactly what they are looking for and what to do when a problem is found. This can only occur with proper training that is specific for that project.

There should also be reminders from the supervisors and the project manager about the project quality and how it affects the personnel involved with the project. With fewer mistakes and problems in the completion of a project and its deliverable, the more profit a company stands to gain. In the bigger picture, this relates to increased salaries for those that make it happen on a consistent basis.

The bottom line is that with project quality, a company is more profitable and has a better reputation with their client base.

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