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Use a Business Case Template

October 11 2010

There is a business case template included in most project management software programming packages. This is necessary since the business plan of a project is used throughout the course of the projects life cycle.

In most cases, the business case template is used to show a successful path to generating a revenue stream that should be considered by the upper management. With the aid of a professional template to be used as a guide, the chances of a positive response is increased. Both the positive and negative results of decisions should be presented so a clear picture can be made by the reviewers.

When using a business case template, there is a slot for the title. This title should be short but descriptive on what the contents of the business study will contain. The next section should be an informative summary. This is where the writer gets the attention of the reviewer. In many examples, bullet points are used to give extra emphasis to a point or idea.

The next section of the business case template should be the reason why the project was undertaken and any challenges that needed overcoming to achieve the objective. This is where a company’s capability of achievements under any pressure can be singled out and highlighted. By a company demonstrating they can overcome obstacles that bog down others in their industry, they prove they are at the top of their game and ahead of the competition. Highlight all possible attributes as much as possible without seeming arrogant.

The following section of the business case template should be about what specific solutions your company provided to achieve the goals. This is where details matter. If an employee does above and beyond, highlight that this is the norm to fill the needs of the project. Again do not be arrogant, but include data to support the facts stated.

The last section of a business case template should be a closing summary of what was achieved and why it was beneficial to the stakeholders. This section will be the last impression the reviewer has so make it good without being too wordy.