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The Proper use of a Project Tool

October 18 2010

The performance of a project tool is like any other tool, it is measured by the skill of the user. Also like every other tool, it has to be used for it be show its benefits. An unused tool is just a waste of the money invested in it.

One project tool that many project managers have found to be very useful is the project management templates. This is a set of preformatted documents that speeds up the planning process of a project so the execution of the project can commence.

The judging of how good a project tool is done very basically. If the tool save money and time it is beneficial to have. Just like a mechanic that uses a ratchet instead of a wrench. Less time is required to remove a bolt. The same is when the project management templates are used. A considerable amount of time is saved for each document that is prepared with them.

There are other benefits of using this project tool. By using the templates from the same program, the formatting will be the same for every document created by them. This gives the appearance of the documents a level of professionalism to them.

Another benefit is the thoroughness of the document. By using this project tool as a guide to formulating the document, the different blocks that need to be filled in give an indication to the project manager what has to be written.

Every time a detail is left out of a document that is used in any step of a projects procedure, a delay will occur during the execution phase of the project. This will not only be frustrating to the project team but also cost the company money.

The main purpose of a project tool is to save time and money by the project manager. When this is done the chances of a project being concluded successfully increases. The more successful projects a company has, the more profit it can acquire and the reason a company is in business in the first place.