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My Business Case Templates

October 28 2010

The purpose of business case templates is to assist the project manager in the development of this formal document. By using a template, consistency and thoroughness can be achieved easier than starting from scratch.

Not all business case templates are created equal. This is a very important document and the starting point should not be taken lightly. Choosing the one that is correct for your presentation and company can mean the difference in approval or denial of your project.

Each of the business case templates has a certain layout that emphasizes a different point. Make sure the one you are using will make your strong points stand out from the other data. It would not make sense to emphasize a weak point and let a strong point of your argument be hidden in obscurity.

The benefits your company will receive from the result of your proposal are another point the business case templates should highlight. There is no business reason to take on a project or proposal that requires action and financial input unless there is a benefit to the company. In most cases, a project will result in a deliverable that will produce a revenue stream that the company can benefit from in terms of profit.

With each business case, templates should have an area where the allocation of the internal and external resources that will be necessary can be easily listed. The stakeholders will want to know what will be necessary for the proposal to be completed. Along with the necessary resources should be the cost associated with each one. In many instances, the deciding factor is the overall cost of the proposal.

The risks associated with your proposal should also have a place in the business case templates you use. Sometimes the risk can outweigh the benefits. If this is the case, you may want to change your proposal. In no circumstance should you ever hide a risk from the shareholders. In your proposal, make sure they are clearly seen and described so they know what the true potential of the proposal is.