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Project Charter or Terms of Reference

November 11 2010

The Terms of Reference or project charter is the backbone to what has been agreed upon by the stakeholders and the company that is about to undertake a project. The purpose of this formal document is to state in clear terms what the scope and goals the project are to follow and achieve.

To help guide the creators of this important document, many are using a preformatted template. This way not only is the information organized in a consistent manner with past projects, but all required information will be included.

This use of a template for the project charter from a project management template program will make the complete set of all documents for that project is formatted in a similar way. This document is just the first of many necessary documents that will have to be created.

Another advantage of using a template for the project charter is that when it is used for reference, the time consumed to obtain the necessary information will be reduced. This is because the scope and goals will always be located in the same part of the document each and every time.

The Project Charter will be used by the project’s manger for when the specifications and requirement s of the deliverable are needed for the other parts of the project that need to be documented. This not only includes the project plan, but also in the quality plan. You must be aware of exactly what is to be produced to complete it correctly.

The quality plan will use the project charter and its contents for the development of all the necessary procedures and methods that will be required during the course of the project. This will include the specification of the individual components and the overall deliverable.

Knowing what is included in the project charter is the foundation that all projects are built upon. The deliverable must met the scope, goals and specifications set by the shareholders for the project to be considered a success.