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Quality Plan Document

November 15 2010

The development of any quality plan document takes specific knowledge what level of quality is to be achieved. This can be located in the business plan or project charter that was written for each deliverable being produced.

In most companies, a quality plan document is formulated or created by the quality assurance department. It is their task to write all the methods and procedures that will be required to ensure that the monitoring of the quality of a product can be checked properly.

For a properly constructed quality plan, there must be more than one quality plan document written and in place. To do this, many quality assurance team members use a template program. This allows for the quick creation of this type of document that will have a final appearance which is consistent with all other quality plan documents.

A template for a quality plan document can be found in many of the project management programs many businesses already use in their daily routines. This type of program not only makes the final documents of the quality plan consistent, but all documents created by this program.

The information or data that is required to fill the quality plan document with useful specifications should be taken directly from the approved project charter from the stakeholders. This way, the final product will match the goals and scope of the original plan.

Once all of the procedures and methods are created and approved by the quality assurance department, the quality plan document can then be utilized by the quality control department. At this point, the quality plan is put into action and the goals of quality monitoring are achieved.

The development and approval process of each quality plan document is critical to the reputation and profitability of each company. Without a functioning quality plan in place, a business will either have a difficult time selling their product on the market or not be able to at all. That makes the quality plan document the backbone of the reputation of any business. Also check out the Method123 project management templates press.