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A Position Description

December 16 2010

The position description for a project manager has become as complex as the projects have become in this global economy. Because of this complexity, when the position of project manager needs to be filled, a guide or template is useful so all the necessary data is included so the correct applicant can be chosen.

The correct position description will target the roles and responsibilities of this challenging position that a company will depend on for the creation and sustainability of a revenue stream. the template used to create this description will not only help you describe in detail what is needed, but how to measure the different qualifications of the different applicants so the right one is assigned this duty.

A position description should include many things including the real purpose of the project manager along with clearly definition of their role within your organization. There should also be a list of key responsibilities that will be required of this position by the applicant.

In the position description will also be the chain of command and where this position falls in it. The new project manager will need to know who they are to report to and who will be reporting to them. A detailed organizational chart that can be used as a quick reference is the perfect way to visually present this to all prospective applicants.

The position description should also list the required skills, experience and education requirement to fill the position. Each of these requirements should be listed in a range so more applicants will qualify and give your company more choices on who they can fill this position with. By restricting this field, there will be fewer choices and the right person for the position might not be in it.

Included in the position description should be some of the key performance criteria the new employee will be measured up against. This way they know what they are up against before accepting the position.

The last part of the position description should be the salary range, working hours and other working conditions the position entails. Remember the better applicants have choices of who to work for. This means the company is being interviewed at the same time the applicants are.