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The Project Planning

December 20 2010

The approach you take towards the project planning at your facility is a choice you or the management has to make. This approach can be with an individual effort or a team effort. With the team approach, because of the advancements in software communications, team members can be in the same plant or around the world.

What is vital in the approach to project planning is that it covers all the necessary process with the details that will be required in the execution phase. Unlike many past projects that were run with only the use of a Gantt Charts or two, today’s projects have to be thoroughly planned out with many different components.

One of the reasons for the increase in complexity of project planning is in part due to the globalization of the market place. This has made manufactures in China, India, Japan, Europe and America all competing for the same target audiences.  Because of this increased competition, the cost and efficiency of the projects execution has evolved into being just as important as the deliverable itself.

The team approach has also dramatically changed in project planning with the introduction of advanced collaboration software now in use. This allows for team members from around the world to actively contribute to the plan. The use of the internet and online servers that host the project management programs, the inputting of data can occur from any point with a terminal.

One thing has remained relatively consistent in this approach or having just one individual in doing the project planning. This is the use of project management templates to begin the different process that need to be documented. This has deceased the time necessary to develop the 52 necessary forms and plans to launch a projects execution phase.

The modern process for project planning has become a very complex and detailed orientated procedure. With the global competition that has the different regions of the world all competition on the same level, every advantage you can give your business could make the difference in winning over the target audience or losing your share and making your process unprofitable.