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Project Quality Goals

December 30 2010

The thought of project quality must be present from the very beginning of any project for the goals and scope of said project to be achieved. This is a must since the level of quality each deliverable is to achieve is different for each target audience.

The project quality standards are set in the business charter of the project that the stakeholders have already approved. It is this level of quality that must be met for the project to be considered a success. In most cases, this level of quality has a range of specifications so the target is easier to hit. This applies to size, function and composition of the deliverable. The color of the deliverable generally only has one standard and is the strictest when being adhered to.

To obtain this level of quality, the project quality plan must be correctly devised by the Quality Assurance department. The development of a totally new process or method by this department generally makes use of a project management template for assistance and a guide. This will speed this necessary process along and help to ensure all of the proper components so the processes are consistent with the total quality plan of the project.

The use of the templates for all of the project quality plans is to help maintain a consistency within the total plan itself. Not only will they all have the same appearance but they will also have the same level of information that will be required by the stakeholders of such a plan.

Having the project quality plan documented is only part of this important process. The implementation of this plan is also crucial. This is where training of the staff, and especially the Quality Control department, comes into play. They must be fully aware of what is expected of them so the deliverable will meet it targets. It will also prevent delays if there is a question as to what level of quality is to be obtained.

The project quality plan is just as important as the project plan itself in guaranteeing that the deliverable is to meet its goal of developing a revenue stream. Without this known level of quality being met, the project will be considered a failure.