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Project Template

January 3 2011

There has been a lot of hoopla about the use of a project template in the formulation of this all important formal document. The use of this type of management tool is nothing new. The new aspect of it is that there are computer programs out there on the market that are made to assist in the development of this type of document.

The advantages of using a project template for the development of your documented plan are plain to see for most managers. These templates are pre-formatted documents that have sections ready for data to be filled into them. For many, this is a helpful guide to filling in the required data for the formulation of a workable project plan.

The exact makeup of a project template is different for each part of the plan it was designed to help create. There is an overall project plan that encompasses all of the detailed plans that will compose the total project plan. The reason it is broken down into all of the subcomponents is to make it easier on the manager to include the necessary details for each part, and is less confusing.

The different parts that a project template can help with include the production of the deliverable itself, the risk plan, the quality plan, the communication plan, the issue plan, the procurement plan along with all the required schedules that will be necessary for control all the manpower, raw materials and equipment needs.

For those managers that wish to, there is a project template to even help start the project out once the idea of the deliverable is found. This is with the template that assists in the creation of the business plan. There are also templates to help with the feasibility study and the project charter.

Today, the use of a project template has become widespread. The easy and completeness of the documents that are created with this tool are a major contributing factor in this. Another reason is the time saving quality that is introduced with their usage. Since time is money in the business world, this project management tool is a money saver on the project’s budget.