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International Business Case

January 10 2011

An international business case must have the same elements as a domestic business case, but they are expanded to fit the needs of the global economy. This approach is more than just doing research on a larger scale; it has many other facets that must be considered.

Just be mentioning you are to present an international business case has ramifications that are not present when aiming at a target audience that is domestic. It can also include suppliers of raw material from foreign lands.

To properly prepare an international business case, the customs, ideals and approach to business in every foreign land must be considered. As an example, the industrial leaders from Asia consider manners and being polite an essential ingredient to conducting business. The exchange of gifts is required and seen as a term of respect. This is for either introducing your product to Asia or purchasing raw materials. It is not the size of the gift or the cost of the gift, but the thought behind the gift that has the most weight.

If you need to employ an agency to help with the research for your international business case, this same type of gesture is recommended. It is just the way business is conducted in this particular part of the world. The term “saving face” is another factor that must be dealt with correctly. If a mistake is made by your counterpart in this area of the world, pointing it out directly will only lead to a conflict. Political correctness in overboard is the best approach for conflict resolution to have a chance at occurring.

Another factor when preparing an international business case is the involvement of the local government and the officials. These officials can make or break any deal no matter how big or small it is. The local officials control all transaction in their area just like the feudal lords of the past in Europe. Without their blessings, nothing but roadblocks will occur.

Bribes do not occur in Asia, only gifts of gratitude, which are expected. This has to be included in your international business case for it to be successful.