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A Project Charter Template

January 31 2011

A project charter template is a project management tool that is used to help generate this formal document. In this document, the exact scope of your project will be clearly defined. This tool is very helpful in completing this task because it serves as a guide so all of the important parts this document must contain will then be included.

The project charter template will help to place the content in the correct order so it will be a useful supporting document for the creation of the remaining documents that will be necessary for the project to be planned and executed properly. This is the document that contains the approved vision, objectives, goals, and scope of the entire project that the rest of the documents and plans will be based upon.

When a project manager uses a project charter template, they will find it extremely useful in helping them define the scope of the project, so it will be easy to understand and follow by all that review the document. This is also the document where all of the critical project deliverables will be listed in the correct order of priorities.

There is also a section dedicated to the listing of the stakeholders of the project in the project charter template. This list contains the people who have the monetary investment that will fund the project from its initiation to its conclusion. These are the people that must be satisfied with the deliverable and the results they will generate.

Another important section of the project charter template that will be of a concern for the project manager, their team and the stakeholders, is the list of possible risks, issues and the assumptions of how they will interact with the project. This area must be clearly defined and understood by all parties, so there will be no surprises during the execution phase which might cause a delay in the progression of the project to a successful conclusion.

The project charter template is a useful tool that assists the manager in producing a quality document that can be understood, and used to help the project life cycle continue in its progression to a successful production of a revenue stream for the company and the stakeholders.