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A Quality Management Plan

February 3 2011

Every business has a quality management plan in place. The leading difference is in the scope and detail each of these plans has in their content. These factors also determine the level of influence the plan has on the business and the deliverables they are to monitor.

A good quality management plan has not only the concerns of the business that is producing the deliverable in mind, but also the needs and expectations of the target audience. This is not an easy goal to attain most of the time which is why a good plan for your quality department to follow is so important.

To obtain this in your quality management plan, a business must know what requirements the target audience is expecting of the deliverables. In the plan itself, a list of the deliverables should be included so a reviewer of the plan will know exactly what products are covered by the plan.

The quality management plan also needs to have the specifications of each deliverable included so it is know if this criterion is met or is out of specification, at a glance. It is not useful to have quality specifications if this data cannot be found or is difficult to locate and verify.

The quality standards should also be located within the quality management plan for every business. These are the standards on which the deliverables will be guided against, along with their specifications, so they can be judged against the competition accurately. This allows the target audience to compare apples to apples, and not oranges. The easier you make it for the customers to see the advantages of your product, the more likely they are to choose it.

Monitoring of the deliverable during it execution phase of the project also has to be included in the quality management plan. This is where the data is from that backs up the claims about your deliverables. Stating that your product is something is vastly different than stating that it meets these specifications throughout its entire production and is the intended end result.

To create a quality management plan, many managers use a project management template so all of the proper components are included. This is also a helpful guide so their contents are also in the correct order for it to be the most effective.