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A Marketing Communication Plan

February 7 2011

A marketing communication plan is linked to the quality management plan because this is the area of focus for most customers, along with the price of the deliverable. The need for proof that a deliverable meets the specifications set forth in the quality plan will need to be known for the marketing plan to be correctly established.

The marketing communication plan will focus on the positive attributes of the product so the target audience will be able to make an informed decision on whether the purchase of this particular deliverable will enhance their business. For a deliverable to be considered an asset to a business, it has to be able to bring a value to the company that was not present before its purchase. This value has to also be positive.

The value for a product must meet the need of the target audience. This target audience can change with the geographical region that the marketing communication plan must take into account for. It’s like offering an air conditioning unit as an option for a new car. This is a necessity in the deserts, but near the poles, it is an unneeded luxury that may never be used and adds no value to the car or the owner.

For this reason, the development of the marketing communication plan is very important. The correct order in which the plan is laid out, along with its content, are vital to making this a functioning document. This is when the project management tool template plays an important role. The project management templates that are available provide a guide and examples of what has worked in the past, and for which target audiences.

For a marketing communication plan to be successful, multiple target audiences must be considered in the creation of the plan. This should include specific portions of a plan to be used in specific locations or regions of the world.

This creation of a diverging marketing communication plan will help to create more sources of revenue. This is the best way to react to the broadest market with your product.