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A Sample Project Plan

February 10 2011

The use of a sample project plan is common to help a project manager become aware of any history a particular type of project may have. This will be beneficial in becoming aware of what worked successfully in the past, along with what did not.

The sources for a sample project plan are usually from different places. The main one is the company archives that have been kept as records of completed past projects. This is a great source for historical data on what has worked well in the past with the equipment and business plan of a company. By matching up similar economic conditions and resources, a project plan from the past can be found, in most cases, that can contribute to the success of any current project planning that is underway.

Another useful source of a sample project plan is from a third party vendor. These, most typically, are the software manufacturers that are creating programs, like project management systems. To create a program that actually assists the project manager plan and create the necessary documents, many examples and samples must be used so the program is applicable to the business needs of industry.

The same sample project plan or plans that were used to create these software programs are now being included as part of the package with the finished programs themselves. This allows for the project manager to see the different aspects of why the program was created, along with ideas on how they can modify this approach to serve their needs.

By looking at just one sample project plan can be helpful, more than one will be of greater benefit. This is why so many sample plans are included in software programs, along with the project management tools that are used in the creation of a new project plan.

The use of a sample project plan is nothing new. Guides and examples have always been used by the successful project managers of the past and are still being done. The main difference is how well the manager makes use of the knowledge gained from these resources and to what point it is implemented.