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A Project Plan Sample

February 17 2011

project plan sample is used as a helpful guide when a new project needs to be planned out in order to create a new deliverable. This type of document can be found in the archives at the company the project manager is currently working for. Another good source for this type of document that will be relevant is from the project management programs that many businesses have implemented, to assist their managers with their assigned tasks.

Along with the project plan sample, there are other useful management tools this type of program has to offer the project manager. This includes the many guides and templates that are also used in the creating of the project plan. The effectiveness of these tools is determined by the capabilities and knowledge of the project manager.

The use of a project plan sample, along with the template as a guide, can help the manager in the creation process that will bring to life the desired deliverable. Once this document is completed, there will be a list of all identified phases, activities, and tasks that will need to be completed for the project to be considered a success. This document will also sum up all the efforts that will be required for each process that includes the monetary costs, along with the raw materials that will be required for its completion.

The project plan sample will assist the manager in identifying all the milestones that will be met during the execution phase of the project’s lifecycle. This will help verify the critical paths that the project will take so all issues and risks that might interfere can be handled or mitigated in advance for a smooth transition.

The reason a project plan sample is used in this process of designing a new project is to help prevent any mistakes that might have occurred in the past within a similar type of deliverable. By avoiding the mistakes of the past, a more efficient process can be developed and used to create a better return on investment for the stakeholders, and the business in general.