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A Quality Plan

February 24 2011

quality plan is part of all businesses that value their clients and the product they produce. Just having a plan of this type is not enough; it must be generated with the correct components to do the job it is meant to do.

Creating a quality plan that has all of the proper components in it, along with them being in the correct order, does not just happen. It has to be planned. To accomplish this task, a guide should be used to assist the project manager in its creation so the plan has the best chance of being effective.

The most used guide in the creation of a quality plan is the project management template. This is a preformatted document that has sections of the plan which are predetermined, so the correct order is accomplished. This allows the process to be efficient and effective so a quality document can be created that will serve its intended purpose.

The data that must be included in a quality plan can be found in the business case for the company. This will be the general plan that is used as a guide for all other quality plans that must be created. Once a quality policy is established, the individual quality plans can be created.

Each project with a deliverable will need its own quality plan. This is due to the reason that each deliverable will have different specifications to it. These specifications can be found in the business case document that was approved for the project. This is also the document where the scope and goals of the project can be found.

A quality plan must have the specification range for the deliverable included, along with the method and process to check that they are met during the production of the deliverable. The scope and goals of the project must also be met and should have a process in the plan to verify this also.

The quality plan is the document that states the protocols that must be met so the deliverable meets the scope and goals set forth by the stakeholders for the revenue stream to be established.