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The Project Management Tools

March 7 2011

The availability and number of project management tools that are accessible by the current project managers have been greatly increased in recent years. This is due to the incorporation of computers into tasks that used to be done manually.

To be classified as project management tools, a process or concept must be capable of assisting the manager in completing one of their many tasks that are involved in creating, running or monitoring a project. This can be in the physical form like a computer, or in the digital format as with the numerous software programs that are designed for specific functions.

One of the first project management tools that a manager will reach for and utilize in the creation of a project is the project management templates. This program is essential to speeding up the creation of all the required documentation and forms that will be necessary for a project to be started and recorded so reports can be made, along with the permanent record of what was down and when it was completed.

The function of the project management tools that assist the manager during the execution phase of the lifecycle of a project include the monitoring of the processes. This will include the updating of what is being completed and whether it is on schedule or behind where it should be. By keeping track of this statistic, a manager can see if more resources are needed in a particular area of the project so the time line can be kept.

The same project management tools that monitor the progress of a project can also be used to check and record the quality of the project at any phase of the project’s life cycle. This will help to ensure that the required quality of the end product will be achieved by instituting spot checks during the production process.

The project management tools are like any other tool; it must be understood and used as it was designed to for it to reach its fullest capabilities and usefulness. Just having tools available does not help a project’s progress. It is their implementation as designed that make them a useful part of any endeavor.