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A Sample Business Case

March 14 2011

sample business case is the best resource a project manager can use in helping them devise a new presentation for a business opportunity they need to present to a group of stakeholders. The sources for this sample can be from many different places, but always keep in mind of what has been sponsored by this group of stakeholders in the past, and their perception of a good business opportunity.

The format of the sample business case does not always have to be used for your presentation. The sample is a good place to start, but never limit or restrict yourself when it is not necessary. For most practical purposes like saving time and including the necessary content in the correct order, the use of a project management template for the creation process of your formal document is advised.

To get a different perspective, more than one sample business case should be reviewed. This can give the manager the best chance at gaining approval for their idea. By reviewing several different proposals that have gained approval from this particular set of stakeholders, it will lead you in the right direction to what they are looking for and willing to make an investment in.

For a better perspective on what is desired, not only should a sample business case that was approved in the past be reviewed but also several proposals that were denied. Look at the reasons given for their denial of financial backing and do not make the same mistake. This could be as simple as not emphasizing the correct category of interest that the stakeholders view as top priority.

The use of a sample business case as a guide, along with a template, will give your business proposal the best chances of gaining approval with the set of stakeholders you are presenting it to. Know the stakeholders and what they value the most so your business case meets their requirements. This is the best use of this project management tool for a path to success and a profitable revenue stream.