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My Job Description

April 11 2011

The job description of a project manager is an all inclusive list of responsibilities that can be miswritten. This is the reason the template for this sometimes-necessary document has been created.

The template for this job description, or any other specific job, can be found in a project management template program. These templates have shown to be extremely handy when a change in the project team is needed. As with any change, there is a level of being uncomfortable because it is not the normal business routine. This disruption can lead to mistakes and confusion.

The use of a job description template can ease this transitional period by providing a starting point that has all the basic ingredients of what is required of an applicant. By having the target roles and responsibilities already laid out, the speed and accuracy of creating such a document is increased and the job posting can then be accomplished faster.

The job description should include the real purpose of the role the applicant is to fill. There should also be a list of key responsibilities the position will be entrusted with. The chain of command should also be clearly defined so the applicant will know who they are to report to, and when. This will help them deal with others in the organization that may wish to mislead them and assign them duties that are not part of their job.

The job description will have a complete list of relevant qualifications the applicant should possess. These need to be defined to fit the particular need of the position, with all possibilities included. There should also be included the key performance criteria that will be measured against the applicant if they are employed for the position.

Most important for both the applicant and the company is the clear definition of the salary and working conditions that will be agreed to. This will allow for both parties to know what is to be expected in these important areas so no disputes can arise after the employment period begins.