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The Statement of Work Template

April 21 2011

The purpose of a statement of work template is to correctly create a formal document that will be used to relay data and information to a third party vendor, on the exact needs and nature of those needs your business is requesting.

For a business, the use of the statement of work template will be necessary repeatedly, since no two projects are exactly alike in nature or scope. Each one will have a different purpose and requirements that will need to be filled.

The statement of work template is like the other management tools that a project leader will use to make their process more efficient, which will save time and money. The template is not a standalone tool, but comes with many examples that can help guide a new manager through the process of creating this formal document. These real life and practical examples will help the manager decide on what is applicable in their particular situation.

The point the statement of work template is attempting to get across to the supplier is exactly what is needed and the nature for the request. Part of the process of this documents creation is also the proper identification of just which supplier will fit the needs your company is looking for.

The statement of work template has areas that will help you to list the exact descriptions of the material and equipment that is being requested, along with number of items that it will be needed. The last section will be the schedule that the material will need to be delivered by, along with the payment terms for the requested material.

There is a lot of information that needs to be relayed to the third party vendor for an accurate assessment to be made, if they can deliver the goods. This is why the statement of work template is so handy. The steps provided by the template are made so none of the critical steps are left out.

The statement of work template can help you save time and money while still be accurate and complete in your request for information on material and equipment.