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A Sample Communications Plan

April 28 2011

The use of a sample communications plan to use as a guide when needing to create one for your business is a common practice. This practice is to see what has worked in the past along with what can still be applied for your particular situation.

Not every sample communications plan from the past can be used in its entirety today because of the constant flux this type of system is in when referring to the technological advances taking place. A plan that is 10 years old is so out dated that only the form and basic formatting of the document can be used. A sample communications plan that includes collaboration software as a means of transmitting data from satellite locations is one example that would be hard to find. The incorporation into your plan on who will have access to this sophisticated program, that will usually be maintained by an online server has to be defined. The level of access will also have to be clarified to include read only, input and then administrative duties. Other properties of a sample communications plan that can be found rather easily will be the chain of events when a new order comes into the customer service department. This should be closely related to the chain of events that should be followed when a customer complaint arrives. Both need special attention and the correct personnel in the company need to be notified for it to be handled properly.Along with a sample communications plan to follow, many managers make use of another project management tool called a template. This will show the current processes in the correct order of the necessary items that need to be addresses. Not only is the inclusion of all the process necessary, but in the correct order so the plan will be easy to follow. Remember this is a plan that will have to be read and understood by the team members in order for it to be properly implemented.

The sample communications plan is a great place to start when you are in the need of this type of procedure. Just remember this is a starting point and not the only piece of data that will be necessary for tour plan to be successful.