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A Business Case Template

May 19 2011

The business case template is a helpful project management tool that many managers are using to construct their business proposition, in the hope it will be approved.

A good deal of work and hope will be placed on this proposal. For this reason, the use of the business case template is expanding. Most managers started using this type of document because of the obvious advantages, including using the template as a guide so the business case is in the correct order when being reviewed.

Another advantage that has been noticed when using a business case template is the professional look it will have once the document is completed and presented. This appearance is vital since your proposal only has one chance to make a first impression, so it should be a good one.

The business case template will help the manager that uses it with their presentation of their business proposal. This is similar to an internal sales pitch about your business proposal or opportunity you think your company should take advantage of. The business case template will help you research the opportunity and show the different solutions that could be explored, along with the benefits of each solution and their associated costs. One thing the reviews will be looking for are your suggestions for which solution has the best chance of success and is the most profitable. Remember, a company is only in business to make money. Having a great product is wonderful as long as there is a matching revenue stream along with it.Accompanying a business case template in its program should be several examples to further assist the manager in documenting their idea in the most flattering way. Realize that your proposal is not the only one that will be reviewed, so presenting it in the best light should be done.

To help use your business case template to its fullest potential, there is also a section on risks and issues that your project may encounter. This gives your proposal a real life appearance and not all hype, which could persuade the reviewers into approving your business case for production.